Lucy Reed is an acrylic and mixed-media artist based in London, United Kingdom. Self-taught and starting to paint from 2020, her work is inspired by her surrounding environments, movement, bright pigments and visually stimulating art. 

Her paintings feature bold, colour-saturated patterns and shapes designed to evoke a whole variety of different emotions. Her use of texture gives movement and layering to each piece she creates. 

Lucy's work includes both small and larger-scale canvases, of portrait and landscape orientation. 


Lucy grew up in Bournemouth on the South Coast of England and eventually moved away to Cardiff, Wales to study for a degree in Psychology. After completing her studies, she decided to test out her creativity in painting, having not picked up a paint brush for many years. 

She discovered a true love for transforming ideas in her head into real, tangible pieces on canvas. Starting off with realism landscapes and desert scenes, then moving to paint abstract, she quickly developed a unique and distinguishable style to her works. 

Three years later, she has an established art business selling originals and prints of her work worldwide. Available works to purchase can be found on her site, or please reach out directly to Lucy via 'Contact'.